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DID YOU KNOW that some headaches can be caused by the dysfunction of the “Myo-Dural Bridge”. What is this bridge? It is a band of muscular connective tissue located at the base of the skull. It involves a small muscle which is attached to the first cervical vertebra and the base of the skull in an area called the occipital bone. This muscle is very short in length, however it has an attachment directly to the spinal dura matter, which appears to prevent a folding effect of the dura matter during when you look up or your neck is bent backwards.

So what is the significance of this for people who suffer from acute of chronic headaches. There is speculation that the function of this muscle, aside from its assistance in neck extension, is to prevent a folding of the dura matter during hyperextension of the neck. There is clinical evidence that would suggest that this muscle dural bridge may play an important role in the pathogenesis of cervicogenic headaches.

Simply, this means that your headache may be the results of a problem which has originated in your neck area due to several factors including the spasm of the Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor muscle. This can be relieved by an Orthopedic Massage Technique which releases the muscular spasm enables the dysfunctional Myo-Dural Bridge to once again function properly.



DID YOU KNOW that most Back and Neck Pain is a results of simply tight or spastic muscles?

Muscular dysfunction is one of the most common sources of  Lower Back Pain, and Neck Pain. and can lead to postural distortion.

Many clinicians focus on the bones of the spine as the root of the problem, however in many cases the source of the problem is muscular in nature, with the postural changes a result and not the cause of the pain and dysfunction.

In some cases, a seemingly small movement, like reaching to pick up something, can cause the development of back pain and development of trigger points.  These trigger points, if not neutralized, can become a source of chronic pain, and can lead to other muscular dysfunction in adjointing or distant areas.